Simplicity- Have you ever seen a logo and couldn’t figure out what it said? Now, ask yourself, did you spend the next 30 minutes trying to figure it out or did you skip over it? Sometimes when a logo design is too fancy or complex it becomes messy. So remember the rule, keep it simple.

Readable- Maybe the design looks cool, but what’s the use if it can’t be read? Similar to the simple rule, once a logo requires too much of an effort to figure out what is says, it becomes useless.

Versatile- A good logo should have the ability to be changed from color to black and white or resized for banners, t-shirts, letterheads, business cards, and even for those customized pens and note pads, yet maintain its stylish appeal.

Stickyness-A good and effective logo is a memorable one. The logo is a visual representation of your company. With hundreds of other competitors on the market, a logo should be distinctive and unique to establish instant recognition amongst the targeted audience. People should be able to identify and define your company and it should stick out in their mind.

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