Choosing The Right Color

When it comes to choosing the perfect color for your designs it can be quite challenging. You must consider what emotion or message you would like to convey in your artwork. Each color has the ability to represent various moods and characteristics. Next time you are creating print ads, new logos, or business cards, consider the following descriptions.

Red is a powerful color of passion. It has the ability to activate adrenaline and often used to alert viewers. The darker the shade the more exciting and dramatic the mood becomes.

Orange is an energetic color that gives off a feeling of happiness, warmth and creativity. Orange is considered to be an informal shade and great to market food products since it increases a person’s appetite.

Yellow is thought to be a very fun, noticeable and an active color. Too much of it and the shade becomes overpowering, especially when placed on a white background.

Green promotes a feeling of relaxation and is known to be associated with money, nature, growth and hope.

Blue has the power to calm a person and lower their appetite, therefore not a good color to use to market food products. It symbolizes trouble and bad luck. However it also promotes stability, wisdom and represents the air, water, and sky.

Purple also known as the royalty color is full of power and wealth. The history behind this association is the difficulty to create the correct color dye to make purple clothing.

White symbolizes purity, perfection, and cleanliness.

Black can be associated with various characteristics, depending on how the color is portrayed. Moods that can be conveyed are evilness, power, and elegance. Black can also enhance other colors when combined appropriately.

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