Who Should Use AdTournament.com?

A friend and successful advertising media executive asked me today, “what type of companies, people or customers should use AdTournament.com?” Great question. My response was quite simply, “anyone who would typically hire a freelance designer should consider using AdTournament.com as a better business solution.”

You see the typical freelance design process is pretty straight-forward. You, as the client, ask some friends for a referral to a good designer or perhaps you already know someone that you’ve used before. You contact that designer and briefly explain what you are looking for. The designer gives you an quote for how much they’ll charge you for the job.

The designer will then take you through a series of questions, which effectively complete a creative brief that provide more details around the project and your expectations. From there the designer will give you a loose estimate on how long it will take them to turn around some designs. Maybe a week…maybe two. At this point you are committed to this designer. Whether you like the designs or not…at some level you are committed to pay for the designer for their work.

In about a week or so, the designer contacts you back saying that the draft designs are ready. You either meet in person or the designs are sent to you via email. The single freelance designer will generally provide a limited number of design concepts (in some cases just one concept that they think is best for you…in other cases maybe three or four looks). In many cases none of them hit the mark. In most cases you start to provide feedback to the designer on how you would like to see the design improved. Eventually you arrive at a final design..hopefully one that you like.

This is a very typical single source provider experience.

With AdTournament.com, the initial process of completing the creative brief is exactly the same. Our online creative brief prompts you with questions regarding your project. Our questions are customized by project type (for example logo vs. online banner ad…the questions are different).

Where our model improves upon the typical process is that the you, the client, determines the design fee and the deadline based on your budget and timing. In addition, with AdTournament.com the client will receive designs from our hundreds of professional artists around the world – each with their own unique perspective on how to best interpret your creative vision and message. On average a project will receive 50-75 different initial designs. The client can then work individually with each designer to revise their initial designs or the client can provide general community feedback for all of the designers to review. The designers respond to the feedback and will submit revised designs.

In the end you rank the designs, provide more feedback, and ultimately decide on the one that you like the best. After the final design artwork files are uploaded to your project page, you then release the design fee to the top designer.

All in all…a better business solution to your graphic design needs. So if you are currently outsourcing your design work to freelancers…give AdTournament.com a go. Or maybe you’re a company or agency who’s design department is bottle-necking. Maybe you’re a PR firm looking to better service your clients by providing graphic design…Maybe you want to update your business or event logo. Maybe a new look to some stale print ads. AdTournament.com can be a solution for you as well.

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