How Do I Start An Online Advertising Campaign?

I’m developing my marketing plan…I could buy radio, television or newspaper ads, yellow pages features, an expo table at the next industry conference, sponsorship at a local event…..

I have a limited advertising budget for my business…why should online advertising be a part of my marketing plan?

Budget constraint is a primary concern for most companies and this tends to create more uncertainty if it involves investing in advertising tactics that do not guarantee results. Online advertising can be an integral component of the marketing strategy for a business that provides real time measurable results.

But how do I start an online advertising campaign?

The first question, which normally comes up is “Where should I place my ads?” Your online advertising budget, target audience, and the geographical location of your customers help to find the answer to this question.

Growing competition among professional internet marketing companies has proved to be highly beneficial for companies new to online advertising, who can now start off with an online advertising budget as little as a few hundred dollars per month to generate results. Companies can also benefit from geographic targeting without having to waste dollars on reaching consumers outside their target audience.

Services like ReTargeter ( work on this philosophy and guarantee the display of advertisements to people who have shown interest in your brand. The strategy, referred to as retargeting or remarketing, can be used to allow your prospects to learn more about your product, increase your brand awareness, retain your website’s visitors, and enhance the conversion rate. With an assurance of 10,000 unique visitors and 175,000 impressions for just $500 a month, ReTargeter promises desirable outcomes to budding entrepreneurs.

Paid search advertising, which is priced on a pay per click basis, is the most cost-effective online marketing option for a startup that is running on a tight budget. Discussing paid search will necessarily mean discussing Google AdWords- Google’s chief advertising product. With the popular pay-per-click feature, you are charged only if someone clicks your ads. Additionally, you can regulate your budget as per your needs and display a variety of ad formats while targeting specific geographic locations and languages. You can read through to get more details.

If your online advertising budget is less than $1000, then you can get the best exposure through paid search and by listing your ads at directories such as and at City Guides such as Citysearch and Yahoo!Local. The last option is really effective if you are targeting locally based prospects.

Luckily, you can also leverage the power of the social media even at the introductory level. With the penetration of Facebook and Twitter, you won’t mind allocating a few online advertising dollars to test social media campaigns. Facebook offers a highly competitive advertising strategy with its CPC and CPM options and allows advertisers to adjust their daily budget at any time. Remind you- it’s Facebook, a network of friends sharing common interests. It is most likely that you can connect with 800 million potential customers and target specific audience on the basis of location, age, and interests. Added to this, you can use your Facebook page to promote your brand and take the best advantage of the Facebook community. You can check it out at

If your monthly budget is somewhere between $1000 and $10,000, you may go a step further to consider blog marketing or paid blog postings and buying ad spaces on sites that draw your target audience.

There’s more to it- the best part is that you can measure the outcomes, more specifically, the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns. You can actually find out how many people viewed your ad and how many are interested to buy your product. This will help you plan your strategy and decide upon the future course of action. The reach, the efficient utilization of the “glocal” (global / local) nature of the internet, and transparency come at budget that fits the stage of your enterprise, giving new entrepreneurs a valuable and cost-effective tool in your marketing tool box.

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