How to Design a Great Logo: Top 5 Building Blocks of a Great Logo

Designing a great logo for your business starts with you understanding the feeling or essence that’s most appealing to your target audience. You then must be able to clearly articulate this feeling to the design team.
A logo identifies a business and what the logo symbolizes is most important. This explains why a great logo does not need to be the most colorful creation with a message that is hardly understood by the audience or too literal. The answer to “How to design a great logo” lies hidden in your communication with the design team and a mutual understanding of the 5 building blocks of a great logo:

1. Simplicity: Avoid overworking the design by adding extra elements. An immensely attractive logo may actually be useless if it fails to convey messages and ideas to the target audience. It is through a simple, concise, and straightforward approach that you can create a successful logo.

2. Memorable: Remember the big “M” of the golden arches? This is the way McDonalds created an identity through its popular logo. What is the use of putting loads of effort to design a logo if people forget it soon after seeing it? Elegant simplicity can make a logo memorable. Appropriate use of color that communicates a feeling can make a logo memorable. Striking use of font styles can make a logo memorable. As you are receiving your initial logo designs test them. Which is the most memorable? How come?

3. Easily Reproduced: A great logo is the one which looks great at all sizes. Often, a highly creative design may be rejected if it fails to scale well. A highly effective logo will retain its recognizable appearance and imagery even if it is resized to fit into billboards or ink pens.

4. Timelessness: Brand identity needs longevity and it is through a timeless design that a brand can achieve permanence. The logo should look fresh today as well as tomorrow and it should not throw a hint to let people identify the era in which it was introduced. A great logo is something that never becomes out-of-date. Pepsi or Coke- the debate may continue forever, but Coca Cola seems to have created an ageless logo that has appealed to people throughout generations and is most likely to create a stir for Generation Z as well!

5. Brand your company name and/or brand your company name with your logo mark: Until you have a marketing budget like; McDonalds, Coca-Cola or other Fortune 500 companies – assume that people will see your logo less frequently therefore it’s important for them to identify your business name with your logo mark each and every time they see it

Final thought: You need to keep the target demographic in mind while designing a logo. What works for one category may not be considered appropriate for another one! For example, use of childish fonts and color may suit a company selling baby products, but you may need to give the logo a serious look if it represents a law firm. A common myth is that a logo has to be a visual representation of a company’s offerings. In actuality, a logo should FIRST depict a feeling or essence that’s appropriate for your audience, which ties back into the colors, images and fonts that you use. Then review the 5 steps to a great logo above to make sure you’ve cover them all.

Step 6 – Make sure YOU really like your logo and you are proud of it.

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