When designing a web page, here are some key elements to consider:

Containing block plays a key role for all the contents of our page. Without the containing block there would be no boundaries for the web browser and the components on our page would drift away.

Logo is the identity space of the entire page. This is where the logo or name of the company should be placed and easily identified at the top right of the website.

Navigation system should be easily spotted and user friendly. The location of the navigation bar should be at the top of the web page layout considering that most users expect to find it there.

Content should be the focal point of the overall design. A web page has a few seconds to grab the attention of its user. If a person is unable to discover what they are looking for, he or she moves onto another site.

Footer is an indication that the user has come to the end of the web page. This section usually contains copyright/legal information, contact and links to the main sections of the website.

Whitespace creates unity and balance within the design of the page. Too much text and images appears as a “crowded room” making it difficult for the users to navigate through the webpage.


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